How to design your dream home? (Part 13)

By Phil / On Sep.27.2015 / In / Width 0 Comments

We've got to the last post in our blog series. After thirteen weeks we've taken 5 sketches and developed 5 schemes, so finally, we return to complete the deconstruction style house. Does anyone build houses in this style? Well, probably not, but it would be interesting to see none-the-less, variety is the spice of life.

The design was radically transformed in week 7, and I was happy the look of the building had become more on-point, so this time around I only made a few minor tweaks. The principal elevations were still looking a bit blank in the center so I adjusted the profile of the canopy, to extend the sloped section of the ground floor soffit. There were a few other minor changes, the canopy over the balcony doors was tapered, the intermediate vertical elements to the ground floor was sloped outwards in keeping with the two book-ends. Some small geometry changes were made to the projecting dormers, ensuring they looked consistent and tied into the main roof at a suitable level. Design wise that was about it, and it only remained to add entourage to the 3D model, to produce the final images. I find Google's 3D warehouse a great resource for free 3D content.

If you're looking to design your own dream home, or studying design at collage, I find that taking a methodical approach is a reliable formula for coming up with great looking designs, start with a simple freehand sketch, draw options, options and more options, make choices that reflect the look you want, if you can, model your design in 3D and keep all your back designs, checking over them frequently, to monitor your forward progress, be open to happy coincidences and just keep at it, until you arrive at the end result.

The final images are below, could you live in a house styled like this? let me know in the comments.