About Us

About us

Bespoke Homes is a website founded by Phil Shields. A UK registered architect specializing in residential design. Check out his other works at www.a-d-g.net

What we do

We produce house plans for stunning new contemporary residences. Our designs can generally be reconfigured to suit the site constraints or room layouts tailored to suit individual needs. We provide a follow on service at a low flat rate to adjust schemes to suit individual requirements. Contact us for more details

Why choose us

We understand that choosing an architect for your new home is a difficult decision, but here at Bespoke Homes, the process is risk free. Simply choice the design you want and have us tailor it to fit your needs. What could be simpler and with guaranteed results!

The plans

All design packages contain detailed plan layouts, sections, and elevations, in PDF and CAD (dwg) format, to permit easy design modifications, Also included is a 3D computer model, with a set of images of the completed building.

The licence

All designs are the copyright of the architect. The purchase of a drawing package creates a licence for the use of the drawings for the construction of a single property. If you wish to use the plans for the construction of multiple units, additional fees will be required, please contact us for more information.

Want exclusive use?

Like a design but want to use it as part of an exclusive development? To have us remove a design from the website and agree not to resell it, an additional fee will be required. Contact us for more details.

Want something different?

Like what we do, but don't see anything that it quite what you want? We are happy to offer a totally bespoke service, to develop a one-off house plan to your specification and requirements, guided by your needs and aspirations every step of the way. Contact us for a free, no obligation quote.

Our mission

We believe passionately in making good design available to the self builder, at an affordable price. We hope to expand your expectations regarding the added value design excellence can bring.

Need construction drawing?

The initial plan downloads are detailed scheme drawings, however your contractor may require additional construction information in order to price the work and understand how to build it. It isn't unfortunately possible to create a single set of details that are suitable for use everywhere in the world, so we don't offer construction drawings as an instant download. In addition some designs may be constructed using alternative methods, the most economical of which may vary depending on local knowledge and building practice, as a consequence construction drawings need to be tailored to individual project requirements and can be purchased separately, once these variables are known, click here to order construction plan sets. As an alternative you may choose to hand our scheme design package over to a local architect or contractor, and have them work out the most cost effective construction details for your locality. While structural principles are established in scheme design drawings, you will still need to engage the services of a structural engineer, to develop the detailed design to the standards required by local building codes.


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