How to design your dream home? (Part 12)

By Phil / On Sep.20.2015 / In / Width 0 Comments

We left the design of our Corb inspired early modernist house in week 7 of this blog series. The rear elevation had always been a bit of a problem, and I was still not entirely satisfied with it, a problem with it being not quite symmetrical or visually balanced. I had toyed with removing the curved stair and ground floor column in the intervening weeks, but I also needed to finish up and thought the project was complete enough to start the modelling of the window glazing. In this project, the glazing is predominantly floor to ceiling sliding doors or fixed panels with opening light, in addition to some strip glazing, also with opening lights.

The site layout I was pretty much happy with, so proceeded to add trees and other small details, to create the photo-real images.

Having completed the donkey work, I felt compelled to return again to the design of the rear elevation, and after some experimenting, finally settled on simplifying the central ground floor section to a single solid panel with an inset rectangular window, the external column was omitted, but the curved staircase I left in place (for now).  An internal column I also omitted. It’s understood that in detail design, some additional structure may be needed, but I’m not an engineer, so I don’t feel I should be pre-judging it, unless it clearly wouldn’t stand up without additional structure. Some small changes were made to the internal layout such that the partitions all lined up with the window mullions, but otherwise the planning is much the same as it was.

The finished scheme design is below, let me know what you think in the comments.