How to design your dream home? (Part 11)

By Phil / On Sep.16.2015 / In / Width 0 Comments

I’ll post the remaining parts in this blog series in quick succession as some of the scheme designs don’t require much work to finish off. We left the design in contemporary style back in week 6, the concept revolved around a three storey, four bedroom town house, suitable for a relatively narrow lot. The site width being 14m, the building width 10m.

In week 6 the design had evolved into a folded plane with the front and back tapered sharply to add drama to the principle elevations. In plan the main circulation space and stairs had been places centrally across the width of the building, however, the area given over to circulation appeared a little disproportionate, so on the first floor I took back some of the circulation space to form laundry /storage cupboards, and on the ground floor the toilet and cloak room I made accessible from the circulation area in order to provide easier access from the kitchen / dining space to the rear. Apart from these relatively minor changes and the addition of windows along the flank walls, to light the bathroom and circulation spaces, the plan remains more or less the same as before.

With the shell design and plan fixed, it just remained to fill in the details. As with the previous design styles the glazing details needed to be developed, but with this style, most of the fenestration is floor to ceiling glazing, in the form of aluminium sliding doors or fixed glazing panels and casement windows. The site model has also been further developed with soft landscaping and neighbouring buildings indicated to give the feel of a suburban setting.

Modelling can be a bit time consuming, but generally the process of thinking about the elements of construction will flag up small design issues and ease the way into detailed design and the production of the construction information your builder is going to need, if your project is ever to get off the ground.

The finished scheme design is below. I would love to hear your comments.