How to design your dream home? (Part 9)

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I’m continuing this blog post series a week late, due to matters aside, but here it is anyway. The past week I cycled back to the first in my list of typologies, traditional or period style. Once you have decided on the basic massing and have a plan you’re happy with, most of the big decisions are behind you, but there are still a lot of fiddly details that need to be sorted, and you just need to wade through them one by one.

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How to design your dream home? (Part 8)

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This week we come to the final building type in our list of typologies, Deconstruction. We left this building in a seemingly finished state at the end of Part 3 of this blog post series, having achieved the original goal of designing something with a dynamic look, not unlike a piece of product design. However the model still needed to be redrawn as the geometry wasn’t quite precise and my idea was to set back the first floor / roof enough to conceal a gutter on the parapet wall below.

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How to design your dream home? (Part 7)

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Next on our list of typologies is ‘modern’, the word may mean different things to different people, but I am thinking of it in terms of the style created by the early modernists, notably Le Corbusier, typified by a functional aesthetic, white walls, strip windows and simple rectangular or circular shapes.

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How to design your dream home? (Part 6)

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This week we look at the next in our series of typologies – contemporary, the term is perhaps a bit nebulous and poorly defined. For me it congers up a design style with its roots in modernism, but less strictly confined to the minimalist palette of simple rectilinear shapes, circles, or monochromatic colour, but still abiding by the principles of functionality and honest expression, but then again, what do I know.

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How to design your dream home? (Part 5)

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In this blog post I take a look at the second design type, Mediterranean style. I love the look of these beautiful homes so I hope I can do them justice. I finished in part 3 of this blog series with a basic configuration of square towers around a central volume, as with the traditional design type, I envisaged a free standing staircase projecting into a double height space, but again this didn’t seem like a traditional design, so I replaced it with a curved stair at the back of the entrance hall, and cut a circular void in the floor above.

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